Studentsamskipnaden i Agder (SiA) is Agder's welfare and cultural organization for students in southern Norway. 

SiA is student-run, and profits are used to improve and create new services for students. Their main goal is to make southern Norway the best place to study in all of Norway.

SiA offers and supports a wide range of services at UiA, including housing, book store, cantina, healt programmes, a good 60 student organizations and more!


Your first meeting with SiA will likely be through their housing programmes. SiA provides some of the most affordable housing alternatives on the local market, and guarantee housing for all international exchange students for their first semester provided they apply on time. ESN Agder collaborates with SiA when it comes to welcoming the international students to the University of Agder on the pick-up day, where students will receive their keys and be driven directly to their new accommodations. 

Please note that if you arrive outside of the pick-up day serviced by ESN Agder you must contact and follow the instructions proided by SiA. For more info regarding pick-up day, see here.


SiA's visiting address in Kristiansand is "Gimlemoen 32" Link to their visit-address in google maps.

Campus map with SiA, Spicheren Gym, and the University bus stop location:


SiA Housing

SiA is UiA’s provider of student housing, with nearly 1500 units. You rent without having to make a deposit, and with all main utility bills included in the price. Most exchange students choose to stay in SiA accommodation.


More information can be found on their website:

Otherwise, they can be contacted at








40 00 10 18






40 00 90 07



During vacations and holidays, please see our extra ordinary opening hours.


For more on some of the practical aspects of housing in Kristiansand, such as how to pay rent as an international student, see SiA's housing page here


SiA Health

SiA Health is a supplementary offer to the public health services for students. They particularly provide help with funding for healthcare, and psychosocial services. Additionally, they can be very helpful in giving advice on how to seek out other health care, and to student friendly prices. They provide occasional courses as well, in topics related to both physical and mental well-being.


For more information, go to


SiA Fitness

SiA runs an on-campus gym in Kristiansand, with good student prices. The fitness center is over 2,400 square meters large and the has the facilities like sports hall, swimming pool, gym, climbing wall and various halls for classes.


For more information and schedule, go to:


Be aware that most of the website still hasn’t been translated into english yet.


SiA Culture

SiA runs two cultural houses for students, one on each campus, Bluebox in Grimstad and Østsia in Kristiansand. Here there is a wide array of cultural events being held, such as concerts, stand-up, quiz,  ESN’s own International pub, among others. It also serves as student bar.


If you’re curious to see what kind of events each of the student houses have lined up or held in the past, take a look at their facebook pages!






For more information on SiA Culture, go to


Other services

Additionally to the services mentioned above, SiA also runs on-campus bookstores, campus café and canteen, and daycare for children.


For more information on each, go to:




Campus café and canteen


Daycare for children


For other questions related to SiA, we recommend you to search their FAQ, or to contact them directly