The ESN Agder Awards this semester took place during the Goodbye Dinner at Dis in the city centre - with delicious food catered from Le Monde.

Every semester we celebrate our fantastic members with the ESN (Agder) Awards - the categories as well as the nominees are all elected by the students, and are meant as a gesture to commemorate some of the many incredible people who have made the semester even more wonderful. This year we also had a photo competition to commemmorate the 30 year anniversary of the Erasmus+ program.

The winners of the ESN Awards Fall 2017 was as follows:


Best male buddy:  Ali Kalib

Best female buddy: Marie Rusten Moldøen

The volunteer: Eugenio Pagilero

The best international pub: Indonesia

The most 'Norwegianized' student: Dan Adensam

The adventurer: Clive Bowron-Hodgson

The comedian: John Hogan

The star of the party: Julias Lwanga

The brightest smile: Austin Lavender

The artist/musician: Linda Peltomaki

The duo: Juan Fernández Aurre & Juanan Casas Beltrán


And the winners for the Erasmus+30 photo competition:

1st prize: Eline Gaudefroy


2nd prize: Maria Gotvkina 

Unfortunately this picture was unavailable at the moment of writing this :( 


3rd prize: Camilla Tofteland