Most of the international students are familiar with the ESN card, which gives you various discounts on a number of things. This card can be bought during office hour in the global lounge, and works all over Europe
However, up until recently, there were only a few deals locally. That was, untill two active members, Malin and Vestein, decided to do something about. And on a saturday they set out to get new deals in town, where they spoke to a number of businesses and resturants.
After the first da,y 4 new deals had been made, and a number of others businesses stated that they were interested.

Later two other students Willy and Seif, heard about the idea and wanted to join in. And throughout the summer, Seif, Vestein and Willy went around town on a number of occasions, making new deals and signing new contracts.
The students were surprised at how willing businesses were, to the idea of participating in the ESN Card. Most businesses were either very interested, or wants more information. And some just gave discounts on the spot.

As this is being written (early october 2018), we have gotten over 11 new deals since may, and more are on their way. And it has resulted in a sale of over 100 esn cards this semester, a drastic improvement from last semester.
This makes it easier for us in the ESN to make new deals, and who knows how many there will be next semester.

Thus, to conclude, if one is interested in yarn, baked goods, Korean food, free entry into nightclub, coffee, second hand store items.... I highly recommend getting the ESN Card

All of the deals can be found at either, or

Willy and Vestein plaing chess, while waiting for a meeting with the owner om Campino