Where does one begin with all the craze that has happened this semester? The oven plate ski or the thousands of parties?

How about a classic shoey?

The classic shoey!

Imagine, you sit there listening to a few guys from Australia going on about how there are sharks everywhere; then suddenly one of them decides it’s time for a “Shoey”! An Australian classic where you pull out your shoe, poor beer in it and then chug it. One would maybe accept it with a totally new shoe, but a used one? Let us point out; there is no chance the shoes weren’t wet by the rain, but if sharks don’t stop the Australians, a wet shoe wont either. (Image taken at our International pub event)

Now you might think that might sum up the crazy this month, but how about an oven plate-slide down a hill for competition? So, the folks decided that it would be a fun idea to have a go at it; so they went to a hill close to a church and tried surfing down; sliding and doing other tricks? Some even won the annual duck-prize for oven plate + mitten sliding (or what was it called?).

The oven racers!

(Image taken by one of the participants)

However, there was also a calm and peaceful state, at least at the coffee hour! Our Chimp N. Zee went around taking selfies to brag about friends he made.



(Image taken at our Coffee hour event)

And then of course. THE PARTIES!

As you notice; Our dear INT-pub host Marie is in most of the pictures; but what can one do? She likes to party and likes photos!

To mention all the craze would take months, so instead we will relax as a few of us went to Arendal for a relaxing trip. 

What will happen next? 

We will see! Stay tuned for more!