It's a new year, and that means a new annual meeting!

What is the annual meeting you may ask?  Well, the annual meeting is the one meeting of the year where we discuss such important things as electing a new board, voting on statutes, and choosing the budget!


The agenda is not all set yet, but these five things are among the main topics for the evening: 

1. We elect a new board for the new semester!

Would you like to become a member of the ESN Agder board? We are opening up the following positions:

- President

- Vice President

- Treasurer

- Event manager

- PR manager

- Buddy

- Grimstad campus manager


- We will also be opening for coordinator positions:

- Fjord Adventure coordinator 

- Webmaster

- Vice campus coordinator Grimstad

- Social Erasmus coordinator


Deadline for submitting an application is Sunday 18th at 23:59. Send the applications and any questions you may have to You may also ask questions to the members of the board directly if you want to know more. For the list of who these are and their mails, see here:



- You can apply for a position even if you can't show on the annual meeting, however meeting and presenting yourself is a plus

- Any student at UiA can become a board member, you do not have to be part of ESN previously



2. We go through the annual report for 2017

The board goes through the annual report for this year!


3. We present the budget for spring 2018 and the upcoming fall 2018

Our treasurer presents the budgets, and we vote on the upcoming budget for 2018!


4. We vote on the statutes!

The statutes are the rules which ESN Agder abides and works by. These can only be opened for change during the annual meeting. You can find the statutes here:

So how do you go about changing the statutes: Send your proposed changes to by Sunday 19th at 23:59. 


5. We give feedback!

We would love to hear from you what you guys think of the year that has passed, and your wishes and expectations for the upcoming semester and the new board!



Sounds exciting? Would you like to be part of deciding how ESN Agder is going to work in the forseeable future? Would you maybe even like to be part of the board yourself? This is your chance!

Everyone is more than welcome!