After careful deliberation, we in the ESN board are happy to announce the arrival of our newest member of the ESN family, Vegard the feisty racoon.
As a part of our mission of “Enrichment of society through international students”, we wish to be open and inclusive both to international students, but also to our fellow species in the animal kingdom. One of our active members Rudi Pedersen, recently back from a trip to Oregon, contacted the state authorities and not so long after was our newest ESN member dropped off at his front door!

The International Office at UIA, very happy with our initiative, have offered to assist in providing housing for Vegard, seeing as the new apartments around Kasserneveien are still under construction. He will live in the park next to Lucky Bowling Lund, where he will be happy to meet other students with open arms. He will be taking subjects from the first year of the masters programme in political science.

We would like to ask all local and international students to welcome Vegard with open arms, and to not be too frightened his tendency to hide around the dumpsters next to Østsida

He is a very hard working little guy who takes pride in what he does, and will go the extra mile to help! He also loves the outdoors, fishing and playing chess!!