The buddy system is part of the ESN principle, students helping students. In Agder we divide all our buddies and international students into buddy groups, for a more social and dynamic setting of people. The groups normally host events, buddies provide information to the students in their group and everyone know that they have some people to contact and ask questions. Each group has a group leader that functions as the main organisator of the group, main contact person for the students before arrival and contact organ between the Buddy Manager and the buddy groups.

First of, ESN Agder starts off each semester with a buddy gathering. This is normally a social event that consists of a BBQ or pizza night. We welcome all new and old buddies, provide some information and answer questions, hand out buddy t-shirts and get to know each other.
I's not mandatory to show up, but recommended and a great way to meet your fellow buddies and start building a network of friends.

Tasks of a buddy

When you sign up to become a buddy, you will recive all necassary information for the semester your taking part of. This includes, buddy group information, Pick-Up Day, Orientation Day and other.

To see the dates and times of our different events through the semester, see the updated event plan for each semester under Events.

Buddy groups

The buddy groups are really important, especially in the beginning of the semester in order to ensure that everyone will be included. The exchange students really appreciate buddies who are active, even though they might not take the initiative to do something social themselves. Because of a full program, the buddy groups work as a safety net so that everyone has someone to be with, and is invited to the different group arrangements. ESN is for everyone, remember to include both the buddies and the international students in the group.

Pick-Up Day

We want all our buddies to be part of welcoming the students upon their first arrival in Kristiansand. Pick-up day consists of meeting the students at the bus station located in the city center. We provide welcome packages with information, keys to accommodations and drive them to their student housing. Buddies are assigned to greet students at the bus station, or different accommodations, like Roligheden or St.Olavs vei to show them around their new accommodation and room.

Orientation Day

Orientation Day is the first day the groups meet. Therefore it is important that as many buddies from your group as possible show up to orientation, and that the groups also include the students and the buddies who will join on a later date.

 All buddies receive more detailed plans of the semesterstart. We also ask students to assist us arrange this day for the students.

Tasks that buddies are assigned to during Orientation Day (for those that can join us):

  • Selling ESN cards
  • Meeting the students at their accommodations at walking them to the Univeristy
  • Be a guide for the campus tour
  • Setting up and cleaning for lunch break
  • Setting up and cleaning for the Welcome Dinner

Buddy t-shirts

Wear them with pride! The buddy t-shirts are handed out at the buddy party or Pick-Up Day or the morning of Orientation Day. This all depends on the program and semester for each year. Everyone will receive one t-shirt and it's mostly used during the first weeks and Pick-Up, Orientation Day, and social events in your own groups and hosted by ESN Agder. This makes it easy for all of the international students to spot the buddies.

Events, Active Members and maybe you are our next board member

Most importantly we want all the buddies to have an amazing semester and be part of ESN and the international environment it consists of.  How involved you are is up to you. Join for some weeks to meet new people, assist international students with life in Norway and integration into a new culture, get friends for life, join trips and events, become an active member or maybe you will be our next board member?

All trips and events are open for buddies to join.

And last but not least, being a BUDDY is to be a FRIEND and your main task is to have fun getting to know new people.

For more information about how you can be a bigger part of the ESN organisation, look for open calls on our webpage and facebook page or contact us at:

We hope to see you!