Would you like to be part of the amazing community which is ESN UiA? Do you want to engage in student activities, make projects or create awesome parties? 

Then you should be an active member!

To be an active member in ESN UiA is like being part of a committee. You can pretty much do whatever you are good at and like to do. Do you like to take pictures and post on Instagram? Decorate for parties or go on cool hikes? ESN UiA is always looking for new active members to join in and help make the ESN experience even better, both for our local and international students. As a thank you for job well done the board will provide special diplomas for all active members who help out on at least 3 events/parties/trips at the end of the semester!

Would you like to know more about the active member system? 

We will be holding information meetings a few times during the semester (dates will be posted on our official ESN page here). If you have any questions about this, feel free to send a mail to our vice president at vicepresident@uia.esn.no for more information and sign-up.

We hope to hear from you!