1 Organisation

§ 1.1 Erasmus Student Network Agder (from now on called ESN Agder) is a non-political,
non-profit organization, at the University of Agder (UiA).

§ 1.2 ESN Agder is an autonomous organization organized under Erasmus Student Network
Norway (from now on called ESN Norway) as a section.

§ 1.3 The members of ESN Agder consist of registered buddies within an academic year, active
members and board members.

§ 1.4 All activities and events ESN Agder arranges are mainly open to all students at the
University of Agder. If there are trips with limited spots etc. international students and members
of ESN Agder will be prioritized.

2 Purpose

§ 2.1 ESN Agder works towards social integration between international and Norwegian students
at the University of Agder, both at Campus Kristiansand and Campus Grimstad.

§ 2.2 Guiding cultural and social exchange between the international students.

§ 2.3 Promote student exchange at the University of Agder.

§2.4 Promote the University of Agder as a place to study for international students.

3 Structure

§ 3.1 ESN Agder consists of these parts:
ESN Agder is divided between Campus Kristiansand and Campus Grimstad.

4 The board

§ 4.1 The Board positions

§ 4.1.1 The ESN Agder board consists of the following positions:

○ 6 Board members in Kristiansand:
● President
● Vice President
● Local Representative (internal)
● Treasurer
● Buddy Manager
● Event Manager
● PR Manager

○ 3 board members in Grimstad:
● At least, Campus Manager of Grimstad
● Treasurer (Optional)
● Event Manager (Optional)
● Buddy Manager (Optional)

§ 4.1.2 Board positions can only be added or removed at the Annual Meeting.

§ 4.1.3 Board members are required to know the statutes of ESN Agder.

§ 4.1.4 The board members sign up on contributing and being part of ESN Agder when voted in.
They are required to fulfill their given task within their roles.

§ 4.1.5 The board members have the responsibility of representing ESN Agder in a positive and
respectful manner according to the ESN values.

§ 4.2 ESN Agder divided between the two campuses

§ 4.2.1 Campus Kristiansand and Campus Grimstad are under one section, ESN Agder. They
will work individually when it comes to board meetings and other topics located at the given
campus. Any topics regarding the main responsibility and events for students at both campuses
require the campuses to cooperate.

§ 4.2.2 The board of ESN Agder has to consist of at least the President, Treasurer and Buddy
Manager in Kristiansand. There should be at least, Campus Manager and one other board
member in Grimstad.

§ 4.2.3 Campus Kristiansand and Campus Grimstad are required to share their documents and
keep each other updated.

§ 4.2.4 The President at Campus Kristiansand is the section president and the Campus Manager
in Grimstad (CMG) is the leader at Campus Grimstad. The President has the main responsibility
for the whole section, and has the final decision making power for the whole section, except at
the annual meeting.

§ 4.2.5 The Vice President is responsible for keeping up to date on all ESN Agder issues and
will take over in the President`s absence.

§ 4.2.6 The tasks will be divided between the board members according to the position
description, and as the board sees fit.

§ 4.3 The Board Meetings

§ 4.3.1 The President is responsible for setting the agenda and board meetings.
The Board meets at least twice a month.

§ 4.3.2 The Vice President is responsible for documenting the meetings, and making the minutes
available for the board and active members.

§4.3.3 Board members are required to attend meetings. There needs to be a valid reason for not

§ 4.3.4 Each Board member has one vote in any situation where voting occurs. The President
has 2 votes in situations of a tie within the board. In the absence of the President, the Vice
President has 2 votes.

§ 4.3.5 The board members have confidentiality regarding issues that are specified as sensitive
during meetings, and the private information of the members of ESN Agder and international

§ 4.4 The Board elections

§ 4.4.1 The main board election occurs at the annual meeting.

§ 4.4.2 Any student registered at the University of Agder can apply for a position in the board.

§ 4.4.3 Current board members have to apply in the same way as everyone else at the Annual

§ 4.4.4 It is possible to apply for more than one board position.

§ 4.4.5 If, during the annual meeting, there is a tie between two or more candidates
for a board position, a new election round should be done right away. If the tie
remains, the candidates should each be given two minutes to argue why they should be elected,
followed by a new vote. If the tie remains after this, it should be resolved through a random draw.

§ 4.4.6 If a board member leave their position during the semester, outside of the time of the
Annual Meeting, there must be held an open call. Candidates interested in the given position
need at least one week from the open call before the deadline to apply. The board votes on the
candidates. There should be at least a three week transition period for the old and new board

§ 4.4.7 The role of Local Representative (LR) is an internal position. The LR will be elected
between the board members within four weeks after the annual meeting. The LR role and task is
defined through ESN Norway’s documents.

§ 4.4.8 Immediately after the Annual Meeting the newly elected board will start their transition
period, until the old board resigns on the 1st of June.

5 Active Members

§ 5.1 The purpose of Active Members

§ 5.1.1 The purpose of active members is to secure and increase continuity, stability, a high
activity level and better transfer of knowledge within the section. The idea is that by having
members who have more internal knowledge and access to how ESN Agder operates, yet less
obligatory responsibilities than the board members, students will be less skeptical in getting
involved and more willing to actively participate in ESN Agder.

§ 5.2 The definition of an Active Member

§ 5.2.1 An active member of ESN Agder is a role where one works closely with the board. An
active member can have local coordinator roles, be part of committees or have specific tasks and
responsibilities. The board with active members divides tasks and roles as they see fit.

§ 5.2.2 Suggested coordinator roles for active members:
● Local Social Erasmus Coordinator (1 person task)
● Local Sea Battle Coordinator (1 person task)
● Local National Event Coordinator (1 person task)
● Coffee hour manager
● Local SocialErasmus Coordinator
● Local ExchangeAbility Coordinator
● International Pub Manager

§ 5.2.3 Committees:
● Web and Social Media Committee
● Organizational Committee for National or International Events hosted by ESN Agder
● Temporary working groups for singular events

§ 5.3 Recruitment and Applications

§ 5.3.1 Recruitment
The board has to hold information meetings for active members and interested individuals, at
least once at the beginning of each semester, and more as they see fit or necessary. Open calls
can be given out for specific positions that the board wishes to see filled, and these open calls
must entail what given tasks are associated with the roles. Active members are accepted for a
semester, and have the opportunity to continue onwards if they fulfill all requirements and the
board agrees.

§ 5.3.2 Applications
To apply as an active member one has to show interest through participation at information
meeting, direct contact with board, or meeting one on one with Vice President. For open calls a
motivation letter or meeting for an interview can be requested by the board. Only board members
can vote on the active member candidates.
Individuals showing interest become Active Members after signing the Active Member contract.

§ 5.4 The tasks of Active Members

§ 5.4.1 Active members are required to know the statutes of ESN Agder.

§ 5.4.2 Board meetings for board and active members should be at least once a month. Active
members need to have a valid reason or notice for not attending meetings.

§ 5.4.3 The active members sign up on contributing and being part of ESN Agder when voted in.
They are required to fulfill their given task as defined by their roles.

§ 5.4.4 The Active Members have confidentiality regarding issues that are specified as sensitive
during meetings, and the private information of the members of ESN Agder and international

§ 5.5 The rights of an Active Member

§ 5.5.1 Active Members can get access to ESN Agder documents.

§ 5.5.2 Active members have the right to suggest, be heard and vote at board meetings. In
situations where there is a tie, the board votes decide.

§5.5.3 The Vice President is the main contact person and is responsible for the active members.

§.5.5.4 Active Members will receive a certificate for their work, if they fulfill the requirements. The
board evaluates if the requirements were met.

6 Buddies

§ 6.1 The purpose of a buddy is to provide help and assistance for international students,
through social integration and the ESN principle of Students-Helping-Students. The buddy
system is meant to form buddy groups consisting of both buddies and international students with
the intent to fulfill ESN Agder’s purpose.

§ 6.2 The buddy manager, together with the board, will have an application period with
sign-ups for buddies at the end of each semester. If necessary buddies can be searched for
during the semester.

§6.3 To become a registered buddy, one needs to sign up within the application period. A buddy
is accepted after receiving a welcome email from the buddy manager.

§ 6.4 The buddy manager is in charge of creating buddy groups for each semester and all
communication with the buddies.

§ 6.5 Each buddy group should have a group leader, who has the main responsibility for the
buddy group. The group leader is the link between the buddy manager, the buddies and
international students.

§ 6.6 All active buddies get a certificate for their contribution, if they want to. Certificates are
given out at the annual meeting or by the end of each semester. The board can evaluate who
has been active.

7 Economy

§ 7.1 The treasurer in Kristiansand has the responsibility to suggest a budget for the upcoming
year, divided into fall and spring semester. The budget has to be approved by the board and
International Office at UiA.

§ 7.2 The suggested budget for an upcoming year needs to be completed January 31st at the
latest. Semester budgets needs to be completed and approved by, 31st of January for Spring and
31st of August for Fall.

§ 7.3 Everyone in the board has to be aware of and updated on ESN Agder’s economic situation.
The members of ESN Agder have the right to see the budget between the annual meeting, if they
ask for it.

§ 7.4 ESN Agder will submit a financial report for the previous semester to the International
Office in January and August.

§ 7.5 The President and the Treasurer in Kristiansand have procuration to sign any legal
documents on behalf of ESN Agder.

§ 7.6 The board has to be informed about documents that are being signed.

§ 7.7 ESN Agder will cover the lower travel expenses for the responsible person/people or
representative(s), when traveling on behalf of ESN Agder, if the current economic situation
allows it.

8 Mistrust

§ 8.1 Mistrust towards a member

§8.1.1 Mistrust can be raised if there is reason to believe that members violate the ESN Agder
statutes, Code of conduct, Norwegian law or University rules. It’s enough that one person wants
to foster mistrust on another person. Mistrust shall be informed of to the President who is
responsible for providing the person it concerns with a warning, and/or call a board meeting to
discuss the matter.

§8.1.2 If mistrust is raised towards a member the given person has the right to attend a called in
meeting to represent themselves. To vote on excluding a member based on mistrust requires
majority by 2/3 of the board’s votes.

§ 8.1.3 In a serious case where Norwegian law or the rules of the University of Agder are broken,
the President can notify the International Office and / or the police. The person will be
automatically excluded from their position by notice of the President.

§ 8.2 Mistrust towards the President

§ 8.2.1 Mistrust towards the President has to be notified to the Vice President.

§ 8.2.2 The Vice President is responsible for calling a board meeting to discuss the matter of
mistrust towards the President.

§ 8.2.3 It requires a unanimous vote from the board members to remove the current President
from their position. The Vice President will then get the tasks and responsibilities of the

§ 8.2.4 In a case where the matter of § 8.1.3 applies for the President, the Vice President have
the aforementioned responsibility.

§ 8.2.5 If the board doesn’t have a Vice President the Treasurer will take over the responsibilities
in all cases where they would fall upon the Vice President in the absence of a President.

9 The Annual Meeting

§ 9.1 The Annual Meeting shall be held each year in the period of March 1st to April 30th.

§ 9.2 The notice for the annual meeting has to be sent out to all members by email, at least two
weeks before the date set for the annual meeting.

§ 9.3 The agenda has to be published at least 2 weeks before the Annual Meeting, and can be
updated one week before the Annual Meeting at the latest.

§ 9.4 The statutes have to be sent out to the members at least two weeks before the Annual
Meeting. Proposals for changes have to be sent to the board at least one week before the annual

§9.5 The tasks of the Annual Meeting:
1. Presentation and processing of the annual report
2. Presentation and processing of the budget
3. Election of a new board
4. Vote on statutes

§ 9.6 The annual meeting has the right to proposals and questions about the budget and
accounting. The budget requires approval by the International Office by the start of each
semester through financial reports.

§ 9.7 All the students at the University of Agder have the right to meet, but only the ESN Agder
members have the right to vote.

§ 9.8 The Annual Meeting can make decisions and vote with the number of votes that meets.
Nobody has more than one vote, and it’s not possible to delegate ones vote to somebody else.

§ 9.9 For a statute to be changed or new board members to be elected, the proposal or
candidate have to win by a majority vote of the voters present at the annual meeting.

§9.10 Extraordinary Annual Meeting can be organized when the board wants it, or when at least
1/3 of all the registered buddies of the academic year demand it. An extraordinary annual
meeting has to be notified by email to all members at least 48 hours in advance. The email must
contain the purpose of and agenda for the extraordinary annual meeting.

10 The Statutes

§ 10.1 The statutes can only be changed at the annual meeting or at an extraordinary meeting.

§ 10.2 The statutes can only be changed if the majority of the people present vote for the
proposal to be approved.

11 Dissolution of the organisation

§ 11.1 Dissolution of ESN Agder must be decided by a 2/3 absolute majority of members present
at two consecutive general meetings, held no less than three months apart.

§ 11.2 In case of dissolution, all assets of ESN Agder will be turned over to its respective owners.
If there is a surplus of assets, they will be turned over to the International Department at UiA.

The statutes of ESN Agder
21st of March 2016
The Annual Meeting of ESN Agder, Kristiansand