As a general guideline, the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund estimates that the total monthly expenditure for students amounts to NOK 9,400 (including housing). Students must be prepared to pay at least NOK 3,000 a month for furnished student accommodation which includes electricity and heating. Costs for food, recreation and travel may vary greatly from student to student according to habits and priorities, but many students are able to bring down the cost of living considerably by cooking their own food. 

Examples of Norwegian prices for some common goods are:

  • 1 litre milk NOK 17
  • 12 eggs NOK 34
  • loaf of bread NOK 7-32
  • 1 kilo cheese NOK 90
  • 1 kilo of bananas NOK 19
  • 250 grams coffee NOK 21-27
  • bottle of beer in a grocery store NOK 14-35
  • 0,4 litre beer at pub NOK 55-100
  • bottle of wine in wine shop NOK 90
  • 20 cigarettes NOK 92
  • 500 grams ground beef NOK 40
  • Also remember that you will need to include the cost of learning materials and books. The amount varies depending on your course but can range from around NOK 500 to NOK 3000 for a semester.
  • Trips, from NOK 800 for a weekend

A Great way to save money on food, is to know where you can find the best discounts. The app called "Mattilbud" collects the current offers from the Norwegian grocery chains every week. It is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS.


There are no tuition fees at the Universtity of Agder. Exchange students are also excempt from the semester fee.
International degree seeking students must pay a semester fee. This is approximately NOK 800 per semester