Pick-up day for the Spring 2015 semester is the 3rd of January at both campus Kristiansand and campus Grimstad.

At this day you will:

  • Be met by the Buddies at the meeting point. For Kristiansand students this is the bus station in Kristiansand, for Grimstad students this is to be announced. 
  • Recieve your welcome package containing information and housing contract from SiA.
  • Recieve the key for your dorm.
  • Be driven with your luggage to your dorm by a Buddy
  • Be welcomed by the Buddies when you arrive at your dorm.



Before you arrival you have to:

1. Fill in the arrival form. This is we know when you arrive on pick-up day.

2. Get norwegian currency or bring bankcard with sufficient fonds to pay the airportbus etc. Visa works most places in Norway.

3. Read the FAQ on this webpage and update yourself on how to get to the meeting point on pick-up day. Also

4. Read the info from the University of Agder "Before your arrival". It includes a lot if important information regarding Visa information, how to get here, course selection and other important information.






Q: What is arrival form?

A: It's a form which Campus Kristiansand students have to fill in where you write when you arrive on pick-up day, and also if you arrive by bus/train/plane. You need to fill this out so we know when you will meet us at the bus station on pick-up day, so that we can meet you.



Q: But what if I don't arrive on pick-up day? Do i still have to fill in the arrival form?

A: Yes all students should fill in the arrival form, as long as youre going to either study or live in Kristiansand. This is so we know that you won't arrive that day, so we don't sit up waiting till 3 a.m. If you already have filled in arrival form but need to do changes regarding the date, send an email to [email protected].



Q: What do I do if I don't have the posibility to arrive on pick-up day?

A: After you have filled in the arrival form about your late arrival, you MUST contact SiA in order to make a deal with how to get your key. Be aware that ESN only provide pick-up on pick-up day only. If you arrive before pick-up day, you have the posibility to stay at a hotel untill pickup-day and then join pick-up day as the other students. Reccomended hotel is Budget Hotel, cheap and good location. 


We highly reccomend all students to arrive on pick-up day. There is much important information given to you throughout the first days of your stay.


Q: Where do I get the key for my apartment?

A: You will be given the key at the bus station on pick-up day by ESN Agder. If you don't arrive on pick-up day, see the QandA above how to get your key.